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The loft is a new endeavor, just an infant really. Growing up in San Mateo I had a unique interest in birds, which has manifested itself many times in my life. I raised pigeons in my youth and always intended to race them, but my family never really had the energy or resources to pursue that. I used to load birds onto my bike and ride a few mie and let them free, and they were always in the coop when I got home.

SO I have some Van Loon Racing Homers and some White Kings, and have built a coop for them. Since some dogs broke into my coop in the seventies and killed most of my birds, I have put more than a bit of energy into critter proofing the coop. My intention is to race the Van Loons, which I have to learn a lot more about. Apparently now it's electronic timers and bands with scannable chips, and club affiliations ... I'll try to post more. As the birds produce flyers, I'll need to add an additional flying coop or perhaps more ... perhaps a coop for cocks and one for hens. Apparently "Widowhood Celibacy" creates motivation on race day.

The White Kings are squabbers. With 6 pairs at 4 birds a year ... I could eat pigeon once a week. Some consideration may be given to the idea that we'll sell breeding pairs instead.

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